Monday, November 27, 2006


In honor of the recently-passed holiday, a list of things (some more mundane than others) for which I am thankful:

  • Family and friends - Thanksgiving has, for many years now, been a much bigger deal in my family than Christmas. However, owing to my class schedule (which went into the evening on Wednesday), we have not been able to make the trip to Maryland for the last two years. Although this is somewhat sad in itself, it saves us some of the manic driving around that we've done in the past (5 states in 10 days anyone?) and it means we got to spend the holiday with some good friends who were also in town. Cooking, while a bit stressful, is far less so than driving, and something I've been able to do a lot less lately. Lots of yummy food, visiting with friends, some calls to the family, and we got to sleep in our own bed. We're saving the big trip for Christmas, when there's more time.
  • Good food - Although we ate a fair bit more Kroger-food on this particular day than we have been, I've been most grateful for the local farmers who have provided us with good produce all summer, pumpkins, organic lamb, fantastic heritage turkeys, and (most recently) six free-range chickens. We have no room in the fridge or freezer, so we'd better get creative quick. Anyhow, I've really loved knowing exactly where my food came from, and what went into producing it. For that, I thank our local farmers.
  • Only two more days of Intro, ever - Petty, maybe, but a serious load off my mind. My last presentation was last week, and it went well (and I even had a brief moment of bonding from the Professor Who Shall Not Be Named), but I cannot wait until this little boot camp experience is over.
  • A healthy pregnancy - I am just past the halfway point, and everything has gone swimmingly. Minimal morning sickness, my brief bout with low blood pressure seems to have passed (as had the wicked cold), and the baby is wiggling around and kicking. The ultrasound this morning showed everybody healthy, and my AFP Tetra screening came back negative. If I can figure out how to sleep properly, we'll be golden.
  • A healthy cat - It's kind of amazing that Hardee, at 15+ years of age, is still in the pink of health. Chattier than ever, prone to walking on our heads in the morning, and aside from a thyroid pill every day and a diet change, she shows no signs of aging at all. Our vet always sounds stunned.
So, one more week of classes, work on the thesis, then papers and exams to grade. After that I get to work on the baby's room and Joe and I (with any luck) get a short vacation before the next holiday.

garden progress: Oh, please - it's December ferpetessake!
house progress: Dresser repainted (thanks to Gillian and Joe) and upstairs, and Joe cleaned out about half the garage.
what's for dinner? Leftovers, naturally. Our friend Julia invented a tasty-sounding recipe for sweet potatoes cooked with pork and onions. Yummm.

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At 10:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous held forth...
For what it's worth, Anna employed a body pillow that helped her sleep starting about midway through the pregnancy. Of course, I felt a little left out, especially when she contemplated keeping it after our daughter was born!

At 4:18 PM, Blogger tommyspoon held forth...
Kinda hard to feel jealous of an inanimate object, eh MCMC?

So glad things are going well, Sweetie! 

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