Monday, November 06, 2006

Stop the madness

Moments ago, as I was grading papers, I received a call, which turned out to be a recorded call from the Democratic party urging me to vote tomorrow. Before I had a chance to hang up, I got a call on the other line. Thinking it might be Joe calling to go to lunch, I switched lines.

It was another recorded call - this one from Zack Space, the Dem candidate for Congress from our district.

I was dying to figure out how I could connect the two recordings and just have them yammer away at each other for a while.

garden progress: Bupkus. Luckily, it is November so this is considered acceptable.
house progress: Well, the list keeps getting longer. That's progress of a sort, right?
what's for dinner? Chicken and Italian Sausage casserole, and most likely Brussels sprouts.



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