Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Mysterious Case of the Cat in the Night

As many of you know, Gus the Cat has cancer. He's been fighting it (with and without treatment) for about 18 months, which is pretty incredible. Generally, they give you about a year tops, with aggressive therapy. Combine that with the fact that his first symptoms went into remission all on their own without our doing anything (we hadn't even figured out what it was yet) and you have a story that the opthamologist is writing up as a case study.

Lately, though, things have been rough, and we've been dealing with the likelihood that the fight is over. He is no longer able to have anesthesia, which means no more radiation treatments. We give him pills three times per day, and have to feed him with a syringe, because otherwise he won't eat. His back legs are barely functional, and over the past week or so he hasn't moved more than about 10 feet from the middle of our upstairs hallway to under the bed.

Or so I thought.

I woke up this morning when the alarm clock started yelling at me at 8:00, and went into the hall to check on Gus. I had left the bedroom door open, but nobody came in during the night, which is unusual but certainly not unprecedented.

Gus was not in the hall.

I checked the litterbox in the bathroom. No Gus.

I checked under the bed and in the back of our closet. No Gus there either.

Hardee came strolling out of the storage-room. She had no idea what I was fussing about.

Finally, I walked downstairs, and lo and behold Gus was sitting in the dining room.
Somehow, in the night, and without falling down the steps, Gus had made it down a dozen stairs and then another 20 feet into the dining room. This is so improbable, the idea that he might have the power of flight (or teleportation) would be just as believable to me.

I am completely stunned, and considering signing my cat up for Murderball or something.


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